3 Personalized Light Language Tracks

$188.00 $222.00

I FEEL into your auric field and chakra system to connect with your highest self aspects.  This enables me to see exactly what light language tracks you need in order to release specific main discordances within you. These tracks go deep on a DNA level, clearing out density in your field, and clearing the old tape recorder loop of feelings, thoughts and patterns no longer serving you.

You will receive 3 light language tracks from your Highest Self that are guided through me for you. You can work with these light language tracks repetitively, as each time you listen, the tracks will penetrate further and release deeper.

Benefits may include feeling lighter, breaking old patterns of thoughts and behaviors, letting go of fear, betrayal, depression, anxiety, abuse, anger, pain in the body as well as relationships no longer serving you. These light language tracks can create self-love, happiness, connection with your highest self aspects, activate your third eye, and more!

**Please allow up to 10 days to receive**