Goddess of the Charms - Testimonials

I was referred to Heart Consciousness Evolution by a friend who I noticed was looking happier and more at peace than ever after using Rachel's services. I began the journey intensely questioning the why of my present, wondering about connections to my past and seeking guidance on my future. Not only were my questions answered, but I also had a spiritual awakening, knowing that there is more to life than what meets the eye. Now I can smile, knowing I’m a part of something so much bigger! I’m like a beautiful butterfly that was dormant for years, full of guilt, and now I can fly with strong breathtaking wings towards a future of my true awakening. Thank you Rachel!  During a time when people think medical doctors have all the remedies to cure pains in our bodies, I encourage everyone to consider the need for spiritual medicine, because our health is more than physical.  Our wellbeing requires a healthy spiritual detox and renewal . Call Rachel; you will not regret it!

-Lori MHR, Colorado

Rachel is a beautiful person and a wonderful healer. She is so kind and gentle, professional and yet very caring. I’ve known her for a long time and in all her sessions you are left with a feeling of light and happiness. Truly amazing. I highly recommend her.

-Carolina Ft Lauderdale, FL

I have been working with Rachel consistently for six years. Each year we do a session of energy activations that lasts a handful of months. When I first started, I didn’t fully understand the process and what exactly was going on, but I did feel the truth and realness in the energy work. This feeling of “ this is true to what I need” kept my faith strong and helped me carry on with the activations while my human programs were trying to make sense of it. This can be a challenging time for anyone to do healing based off of what they feel and not what they think, but Rachel is there every step of the way. When the human programs have questions, uncertainties, or any doubts, Rachel continues to speak to your soul and break down the process of alchemy for your soul's innerstanding.

In the year 2022, I went deep into my shadow self and the shadows of existence and that led me to a great period of depression. Part of ascending is being able to move through the intensities more easily and Rachel was able to help me connect back to my body on this earth during this time of my floating in the shadow realms. Her work enforced a strong foundation of light inside of me. This new foundation has allowed me to work through intense emotions the second they arise, rather than waiting days, months, or years in pain and misery, trying to transmute density. My own alchemical process and ability to transmute on my own has strengthened a great deal since I first started doing light activations with Rachel and I couldn’t be more grateful. With the new foundation, I still intend to partake in more activations to maintain the light and alchemical process inside of me. This service is the truest form of medicine!!! If I never enforced the truth and faith that I felt in the light work Rachel does, I truly would not still be here today in the way I am existing now. I would need multiple therapy sessions a day, mental illness medication, and I would probably have needed assisted living for a period of my life. Rachel’s work goes straight to the root of your troubles and is by far the most effective form of therapy I have ever come across. Thank you Rachel for taking this journey yourself and helping others through their own journeys. I am so grateful I have been able to receive this light.

-Harmony Hollywood, FL

​​“Rachel is the real deal when it comes to seeing and knowing exactly what is blocking your energy, causing you to feel stuck in an area of your life.  She has been working with my boys and me for several years now to help clear limitations, fears, and insecurities. She has also helped to assist with activating our DNA to further bring online the remembrance of who we really are, so we feel more empowered, confident, inspired and thus embody a new found zest for life.  I highly recommend Rachel as a conduit in your healing and spiritual journey.  You will feel lighter, healthier and more passionate about life once again!”

-Gillian, Canada

There are no words adequate enough to describe my eternal gratitude to Rachel. I have the utmost respect for her in terms of her spiritual knowledge, her ability to accurately channel and read energy, as well as her capacity to ultimately provide outstanding guidance and healing during my spiritual awakening, my journey to enlightenment.

Rachel’s compassion and willingness to go the extra mile to help her clients substantially differentiates her from other spiritualists, mediums, and healers. She makes a point to thoroughly explain everything and ensures that you feel comfortable through every part of the process.

She utilizes her gifts and knowledge to tailor a spiritual path filled with love and light that is conducive to each client’s needs and goals. Rachel is a true angel and it is a blessing just to be in her presence. The work she does is genuinely life-changing. The only regret I have is not starting my sessions with her sooner!

-Bianca, Chicago, IL

I give thanks every day that I met Rachel many moons ago; we have been working together for the past 4 years and I cannot thank her enough for all the love, support and encouragement. She’s given me a light in the dark. Her gifts are truly one of a kind. She is everything and more than I could ask for in my healing journey. She is an incredible guide in tapping into our higher selves and bringing to light the deep trauma we have faced for many lifetimes, trauma that we may not even be aware is there, guiding our everyday lives and actions. Her light language and her connection to source energy have given me so many tools to uncover and heal a lot of my pain, along with guidance to reach the depths of my trauma.  All of this has led me to a more fulfilling life of peace within myself. The thing with trauma is that it is not linear.  As multidimensional beings, we are constantly resurfacing different experiences, good or bad, to release them and embrace more peace and purity within ourselves. Even outside our sessions, I can always count on Rachel to be there for me, when I’m processing triggers or simply need someone to talk to. She is the most gentle, loving and generous facilitator. It is truly a gift to be able to work with her. I am in awe of her commitment and compassion every day to help others.  I strongly recommend allowing yourself to feel worthy of receiving and experiencing her magic, her light and her love.

-Mikaela, Miami FL

In March of 2021, I woke up to extreme lifetimes of darkness. I was scared and believed I was being spiritually attacked. The amount of fear and terror I felt was unfathomable. I found Rachel through hours and hours of research and have been seeing her religiously for over two years now. She didn’t just help me and guide me through education; she connected me to my soul and higher self through light language transmissions in energy centers of my physical light body. The world of darkness soon transmuted to light. My own light language was activated through our sessions, very soon after starting. The light gave me the ability to communicate with spirit, my higher self, and the higher realms. My consciousness has expanded within and without. I'm able to feel not just my own heart, but also connect with other hearts as well. Life has become about love and purpose.  I’m forever grateful to Rachel as my guide on this journey of ascension and I can’t thank her enough.

~Beth Cooper, Boynton Beach, FL

I’ve done numerous readings and sessions, with many gifted people in the past. After crossing paths with Rachel’s account, I was intrigued by her specialties.  I thought I was walking into something familiar, but it turned out to be one of the most beautiful encounters ever.  Rachel puts you at ease instantly and reaches down to the bottom of your core to then help you rebuild yourself.  Can’t wait to work with her some more.

-Jacques, BC Canada

I met Rachel at a very challenging time of my life. My outside world kept confronting me with one massive upheaval after another. I was buffeted and bruised and really found it difficult to put one foot in front of the other. And worst of all I was blaming myself about everything. I couldn’t get out of my head. Rachel’s Light Language Energy Activation just skipped all of that and went to work where it was needed. I felt better immediately and her sessions would give just enough dialogue to calm my racing mind. I can’t really explain how it works but I can attest to the fact that it does. Over the few years we’ve been working together, I’ve come into a world that is more supportive of me and my journey and I feel empowered enough to move through it with purpose and self-direction. Thank you, Rachel!

-Anna, Canada

I started working with Rachel about 2.5 years ago . At the time my dad had just died and I was struggling.  Life just wasn’t fun anymore and I was desperate to find answers. Rachel showed me that for anything to change, I had to change myself. Slowly we dove in and I completely changed my outlook on life and realized it is up to me. Her light language changed the very core of me and helped me shift in ways I never thought possible. She gave me insight into the very deep regions of myself that I was hanging onto. I am so happy and my life has become the life I have always dreamed of. Rachel is amazing and truly understands what we need. Thank you for all you do, Rachel!

-Tammie, Canada

I am writing to share my heartfelt testimony about the incredible energy light activation I have been receiving from Rachel. Words cannot express the profound impact she has had on my life and overall well-being.

From the moment I first connected with Rachel, I immediately felt a sense of warmth and genuine care. Her energy is incredibly soothing and comforting, creating a safe space for me to explore and heal. Through her energy activation sessions, Rachel has guided me on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

The energy activations I have experienced with Rachel have been nothing short of miraculous. Her ability to tap into the universal energy and channel it towards my specific needs is truly awe-inspiring. Each session leaves me feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and aligned with my true self. The energy she activates within me is palpable, and I can feel it flowing through every cell of my being.

Not only has Rachel helped me release deep-seated emotional blockages, but she has also empowered me to step into my own power and embrace my authentic self. Her guidance and support have been instrumental in helping me navigate through life's challenges with grace and resilience. I now have a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to my intuition.

Rachel’s energy activation sessions have not only transformed my personal life, but have also had a profound impact on my physical and mental well-being. I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall energy levels, clarity of mind, and emotional stability. The healing energy she activates has brought about a sense of harmony and balance in all aspects of my life.

I am eternally grateful for the gift of Rachel’s energy light activation. Her dedication, compassion, and expertise have truly changed my life for the better. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking profound healing, spiritual growth, and a deeper connection to their own inner wisdom.

Thank you, Rachel, for your unwavering support and for sharing your incredible gift with the world. You are a true blessing, and I am forever grateful for the positive impact you have had on my life.

With deepest gratitude,
Annie, Miami, FL