Welcome Soul Family!

Goddess of the Charms

Wow, what a journey we have been on, Soul Family!  My awakening started spontaneously, as a remembrance of my Star heritage. I remembered that we come from other planets. It all came rushing back to me in an instant.

Everything changed after that, and I went through massive initiations and challenges to connect deeper inside. I worked through the weaving of ego programming that goes so very deep: old belief systems I told myself, stories, being the victim, and blaming everyone outside of myself too. Layers of anger and sadness, when my whole 3D world turned upside down (that's the point) finally brought my attention to how twisted my inner Matrix truly was! This happened again and again, until I found a new love and peace inside, a connection that does not waver no matter what emotion I'm feeling. The stories and attachments became less and less…and I began to KNOW freedom inside, for the first time ever in this existence.

You SEE, our Soul comprehends this evolution of consciousness we are here to do, because it already is LIGHT. Like Angels who fell into the depths of amnesia , walking through many existences of "hell" (3D) to get here, we are finally waking up and remembering.

My gifts came to me as I alchemized the density in me…my mind and thoughts, the way I perceived my emotions, the relationship I had with my body and much more! These gifts are in all of us; we just have to remember.

I can move energy with my hands, eyes, and voice. I have my Masters in Social Work, and am MTTP and MTTS certified (Mindful Meditation). I also speak a language called light language, which is a combination of sound , frequency and light.  These light frequencies carry codes of love that go into your DNA system. They transmute unconscious programming and density, so the cells in your body can hold more light. This fosters your own gifts and abilities, giving you the empowerment you need to realign your reality, as well as forge a much deeper connection inside.

We work through your belief systems and identities, which were never really yours in the first place, just conditioning by so many stories we told ourselves over and over through several existences. These stories were based on trauma that we all experienced in different ways . I can SEE these belief systems and where they came from, whether from childhood or other existences. I am able to release them and rewire your energetic system with a more expanded way of being. 

It is time now to release these stories within you that create a separation from your soul. You came here to ascend your consciousness, which means living and feeling a more Quantum existence. This is a Soul Embodiment, that looks nothing like your linear reality from before. Everything has to be reworked and relearned over and over again. This can be challenging for the human ego!

I am here to guide and assist you through this process. I have so much compassion for what you are going through, as I have gone through so much of it too. This takes everything we've got, to exist in a whole new way that is aligned on a Soul level.  I teach you to become your own Guide and empower you to listen to your own intuition. I love that I am still ascending and remembering just like you. This journey is ongoing.

I am humbly here to assist you in remembering your way HOME. HOME is a frequency of love inside you. HOME brings awareness and happiness so you have a CHOICE in your world, so you FEEL empowered, joyful and FREE.

Welcome to our JOURNEY together. Welcome HOME.

From my heart to yours,

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