5 Light Language Tracks Bundle

$99.00 $110.00

The following Light Language Tracks are included in this bundle:

1) Connecting with your Inner Child

We create a new connection with your inner child by allowing her/him to be felt and heard. We release old ancestral traumas around mother and father that is causing anger, sadness or guilt.

2) Releasing Pain in the Physical Body

We expand the cells, muscles and energy bodies to move pain through more quickly. Victim consciousness of pain, death, and dis-ease from other existences are released from your energetic system.

3) Third Eye Activation

This light language track releases any doubt, confusion or worry in the mind. We expand your higher mind , bringing you clarity and insight through the blue fire ray of light. We spark new creation to activate your gifts and abilities.

4) Solar Plexus Upgrade

This light language upgrade releases self worth belief systems no longer serving you as well as old traumas of disempowerment.  Connect to your empowerment energies through the Diamond light codes of courage and bravery.

5) Open Your Heart

A light language activation to release any trauma causing resentment, anger or sadness and expanding your heart into love.

How Your Light Language Tracks are Delivered:

Upon purchase, you can instantly listen to your new tracks. We will also send an email with a copy for you to download.