A Customized Master Vision for 3 months: Quantum Coaching/DNA Activations

$2,222.00 $2,468.89

Quantum Coaching/DNA Activations

Do you feel lost in your path of the heart?  Feel like you need to go even deeper than just one session?  This customized plan is completely guided by your Higher Self, catering to exactly what you need.  Your Higher Self aspects assist me in shifting and upgrading your emotions, beliefs, and perceptions, and share specific ways of assisting you. 

This Master Vision includes Quantum Zoom DNA Activations, and Questions/Coaching for the duration of the package. 

This also includes personalized light language tracks to use at home, to expand your capabilities and enhance your growth.

**3 month package includes 6 bi-weekly DNA Activations via Zoom, 3 personalized light language tracks,  and unlimited support via email during this time** (10% off retail price) 



"I was referred to Heart Consciousness Evolution by a friend who I noticed was looking happier and more at peace than ever after using Rachel's services. I began the journey intensely questioning the why of my present, wondering about connections to my past and seeking guidance on my future. Not only were my questions answered, but I also had a spiritual awakening, knowing that there is more to life than what meets the eye. Now I can smile, knowing I'm a part of something so much bigger! I'm like a beautiful butterfly that was dormant for years, full of guilt, and now I can fly with strong breathtaking wings towards a future of my true awakening. Thank you Rachel! During a time when people think medical doctors have all the remedies to cure pains in our bodies, I encourage everyone to consider the need for spiritual medicine, because our health is more than physical. Our wellbeing requires a healthy spiritual detox and renewal . Call Rachel; you will not regret it!"
-Lori MHR, Colorado

"Rachel is a beautiful person and a wonderful healer. She is so kind and gentle, professional and yet very caring. I've known her for a long time and in all her sessions you are left with a feeling of light and happiness. Truly amazing. I highly recommend her."
-Carolina Ft Lauderdale, FL