Quantum DNA Activation/A Light Language Upgrade (90-120 min | In Person, Miami)

$444.00 $644.00

90 minutes IN PERSON (Miami)

Through this deep recalibration of the Soul, I connect with the FEELING of Source Love inside you, which is your Higher Self aspects. These aspects assist the whole session, and guide you in remembering who you truly are, a beautiful Angel of Divine Love.

I can move energy with my voice, hands, and eyes. This creates alchemy within you to transmute resistance and disharmony, and bond the cells to wholeness through light.

I speak a language called Light Language, which is a combination of Sound, Light and Sacred Geometric Coding. This upgrades the DNA on an alchemical level. 

The light language frequency goes deep into the cells in order to release discordancies and hold more light within you. Through these codes, we balance and harmonize each chakra by stimulating and switching on your Light Body.

This process transmutes discordant emotions, belief systems and perceptions. This is complete alchemy, and you will be shifting for days after the session. 

I can see and assist in releasing density within you, including:

  • Energetic attachments
  • Cords
  • Unconscious energy and fragmentation
  • Old beliefs and patterns
  • Disempowerment
  • Emotions of betrayal, sadness, fear, anger
  • Addictions
  • Sexual/Physical/Verbal/Emotional Abuse
  • Separation
  • Lack
  • Need
  • Victim/blame
  • Repetitive cycles
  • Physical Pain/Dis-Ease

....and much more!

I also connect to your Highest Self aspects and provide a comprehensive reading which may include information about your: 

  • Other Existences 
  • Your Future Timelines 
  • Deceased Loved Ones
  • Spirit and Animal Aspects
  • Star Heritage
  • Soul Groups
  • Relationships
  • Love
  • Abundance
  • Health
  • Soul Purpose

I provide assistance from your Higher Self aspects including your Galactics, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Dragons, Mermaids, Elven, and Angelic Aspects. During this session, you can also ask any questions that may arise.  I break down programming, explaining Quantum expanded ways of Seeing, and create practices to use at home geared specifically for you.



"Rachel is the real deal when it comes to seeing and knowing exactly what is blocking your energy, causing you to feel stuck in an area of your life. She has been working with my boys and me for several years now to help clear limitations, fears, and insecurities. She has also helped to assist with activating our DNA to further bring online the remembrance of who we really are, so we feel more empowered, confident, inspired and thus embody a new found zest for life. I highly recommend Rachel as a conduit in your healing and spiritual journey. You will feel lighter, healthier and more passionate about life once again!"
-Gillian, Canada

"In March of 2021, I woke up to extreme lifetimes of darkness. I was scared and believed I was being spiritually attacked. The amount of fear and terror I felt was unfathomable. I found Rachel through hours and hours of research and have been seeing her religiously for over two years now. She didn't just help me and guide me through education; she connected me to my soul and higher self through light language transmissions in energy centers of my physical light body. The world of darkness soon transmuted to light. My own light language was activated through our sessions, very soon after starting. The light gave me the ability to communicate with spirit, my higher self, and the higher realms. My consciousness has expanded within and without. I'm able to feel not just my own heart, but also connect with other hearts as well. Life has become about love and purpose. I'm forever grateful to Rachel as my guide on this journey of ascension and I can't thank her enough."
Beth Cooper, Boynton Beach, FL